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Estate Planning & Civil Law Services

Expertise You Can Count On

At Holmes & Young, P.A., our focus is you. Serving Palatka & Crescent City, FL, our experienced attorneys are committed to providing professional representation with a hometown feel. Whether you need a probate, criminal, or civil attorney, or assistance with a variety of other legal matters, we are dedicated to achieving results for you.

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Business Law

No matter if you are forming a new business, planning a merger, incorporating your current business, or need assistance forming employment contracts, the attorneys at Holmes & Young, P.A.are here to help. It is our goal to help you save money, time, and stress down the road, so you can focus on what matters most: running or building your business.

Structuring Your Business

Choosing to start or form a business is a big decision — choosing what type of business entity you need is an important step, and we can help you determine which type of structure best fits your immediate and long-term goals. The main business legal structures are partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations (LLC), corporations, and nonprofits. 

The type of business you form determines the personal liability of the owner/founders, tax structure, and other important factors.


We have the expertise to review and draft employment contracts, employee manuals, confidentiality agreements as well as other important legal documents related to your status as an employer. 


Signing a contract may seem routine and familiar, but the legal ramifications of making promises to other people or companies using written contracts can have long-lasting effects on your life. A lawyer should review any important contract you are creating or being asked to sign, such as business agreements, non-compete, and confidentiality agreements, marital property agreements, and so on. We will work with you to ensure your best interests are represented in any contracts we discuss.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are preparing to sale a portion of your business or merge with another company, trust our attorneys to guide you through the merger and acquisition process. We will assist you in determining the appropriate financing for your transaction and provide advice regarding the drafting, negotiating, and execution of contracts related to the sale. Our goal is to help you understand the effects a merger or acquisition can have on your business and help you outline clear objectives for the transaction.

Business Licenses & Permits

Before your business can open its doors, you must have the right licenses and permits in place. The state of Florida, individual counties, and local governments each have their own permit requirements for businesses. Commonly required licenses and permits include: health permits, general business licenses, liquor licenses, lottery licenses, tax registrations, health department permits, and more.

Our attorneys are here to help you determine which permits are needed for your company and are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Succession Planning

Succession planning for small businesses is important to ensure a stable transition. It benefits the company, owners and successors, and customers by ensuring that they will continue being provided their goods or service with no interruption. It can also provide you with peace of mind knowing there is a plan in place for when you would like to step away from the company.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling your first home, looking to build a new office, or need assistance navigating local zoning ordinances, count on Holes & Young, P.A. to guide you through every real estate transaction.

Residential & Commercial Transactions

We are proud to work with prospective homeowners and commercial clients throughout Northeastern Florida. Buying or selling a home or commercial property is one of the largest transactions you can make in your life, and we are here to advocate for you and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.


Do you need help drafting a commercial lease for a new tenant? Are you navigating a landlord-tenant dispute and need legal guidance? Holmes & Young, P.A. represents clients for a number of leasing matters and is proud to be a trusted name for many real estate items.

Land Development

Whether you are a real estate developer looking to layout your newest subdivision or are a business ready to build an updated office or retail center, our attorneys are here to help you reach your goals. We represent clients in a range of land development matters and will work with you to make your project a success.

Environmental, Zoning & Land Use

The attorneys at Holmes & Young, P.A. work with commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal clients to successfully navigate land use and environmental law matters. We represent clients before Zoning Boards, town and village boards to ensure their projects can keep moving forward and reach successful completion.

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Probate, Wills, & Estates

Whether you are buying or selling your first home, looking to build a new office, or need assistance navigating local zoning ordinances, count on Holes & Young, P.A. to guide you through every real estate transaction.

Estate Probate

Probate is a critical process that includes making sure all the will’s terms are fulfilled in accordance with law. This should be done by an impartial judge following strict legal guidelines, and often professional help from probate attorneys like ours can make things easier for you to understand.

Wills & Medical Directives

A last will and testament is a legal document that ensures your wishes are carried out after your death. It appoints guardians for your minor children and controls the division of your individually owned assets. Additionally, we can help you establish medical directives and appoint an executor for your will. An executor manages the distribution of your assets and will work alongside your attorney to administer your estate. A will also ensure your individually owned assets go to the individuals you want.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that grants to one person or organization the right to make decisions on behalf of another. The agent may be granted authority over such things as financial and business transactions, acting in your best interest if you are incapacitated. A complete estate plan often includes establishing a power of attorney because it ensures someone will take care of any necessary actions ift you are physically or mentally incapable.


Trusts are a way for you to distribute property both during your lifetime and after death. You can plan provisions with the help of an attorney from our firm, like specific arrangements for children with disabilities or other anticipated occasions. Other advantages include avoiding probate and maintaining privacy about distribution details when creating a trust instead of drafting up legal documents as in wills.

Personal Injury Law

Whether you are buying or selling your first home, looking to build a new office, or need assistance navigating local zoning ordinances, count on Holes & Young, P.A. to guide you through every real estate transaction.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The most frequent cause of personal injuries is vehicle accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence in an auto accident, contact our law firm to see how we can help bring justice and healing for the suffering that they endured as a result. We will work tirelessly on your behalf so you achieve the results you deserve.

Premises Liability

Property owners are legally obligated to maintain safe premises and warn others about unsafe conditions. The laws vary from location to location, but it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and create a safe environment. Premise liability cases come into play when someone injures themselves on your property because of dangerous conditions you created there — such as faulty stairs, defective sidewalks, inadequate lighting, and more.

Product Liability

When you buy a product, you have certain rights to expect that the product is safe for its intended use. The most basic is the right to be safe while using the item. Big companies and product manufacturers have an obligation to design and manufacture safe products and include any necessary disclaimers and warnings. When they fail in this obligation and a dangerous or defective product hurts you, you may have cause to pursue a product liability case.

Veterans’ Issues

We are proud to work with men and women who have bravely and selflessly served our country. If you need assistance with a claim for veteran’s benefits, we can help. 

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